Spoons Cambodia joins ASSET-H&C
October 6, 2021

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We are thrilled to welcome Spoons Cambodia (formerly known as EGBOK) as part of the network.

Spoons Cambodia provides vocational training and education to unskilled youths from rural areas and poor family backgrounds.

The school offers a 12-month training in two main areas: “Housekeeping and Food & Beverage Service” and “Cooking”.

Spoons’ knowledgeable team of chefs and hospitality professionals

Spoons Café is an extension of the Spoons Cambodia classroom, where students gain the skills and experience that they need to succeed in their future hospitality careers. Spoons is also home to a knowledgeable team of chefs and hospitality professionals, who provide expert training and experience to students and serve as invaluable role models for the successes they can achieve.

All ASSET-H&C members look forward to collaborating with Spoons Cambodia’s team and going further together.

Welcome onboard!

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