Our members' common grounds

All ASSET-H&C schools share 3 main characteristics:

The activity

ASSET-H&C schools being an establishment dedicated to hospitality, catering & tourism training, transferring selflessly both technical and transversal skills and targeting a comprehensive development of beneficiaries.

The target

Targeting young or adult individuals coming from proven disadvantaged social, economic or academic backgrounds, for at least 50% of total trainees.

The model

Aiming for certain economic viability through the implementation of one or several income-generating activities that are a constitutive part of the school’s activity and that represent at least 15% of its funds, with a view increasing that share.

Interactive map of ASSET-H&C members
10.79328394837915, 106.70910718581348 An Rê Mai Sen Training Center Hotel & Restaurant Professional School http://www.anremaisen.com/
20.989730389045796, 105.89392442621487 Hoa Sua School for Disadvantaged Youth https://hoasuaschool.edu.vn/
10.851175173623949, 106.75802949865539 LA BOULANGERIE FRANÇAISE HCM Bakery & Pastry School https://shop.laboulangeriefrancaise.org/
21.065279941685624, 105.82404580750487 KOTO Hospitality Training Centre https://www.koto.com.au/
13.362956740249464, 103.85367020779181 Bayon Bakery & Pastry school Bakery & Pastry school https://www.bayoncoffeeshop.org/
13.383740165462237, 103.82332437501688 École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme Paul Dubrule Training restaurant https://ecolepauldubrule.org/
11.544578171756166, 104.88657921622814 PSE - Hospitality and Tourism school School of Hospitality and Tourism https://www.pse.ngo/high-quality-vocational-training-prepare-everyone-working-life
13.339810902753245, 103.85242902729782 Sala Baï Hotel School Hotel and Restaurant School https://www.salabai.com/en/
13.349236171573727, 103.85698036165641 SPOONS Cambodia Training Café https://www.spoonscambodia.org/
10.611430854599988, 103.54728309927863 Don Bosco Hotel School Hotel School https://assethc.org/social-businesses/don-bosco-hotel-school/
16.724067669255067, 98.55169873530902 Hospitaliy & Catering Training Center (HCTC) Hospitality and Catering Training Centre http://iecd.org/en/projets/the-hospitality-and-catering-training-centre-in-mae-sot-in-thailand
21.196589128911842, 94.90910000000001 Sanon Training Restaurant Sanon Restaurant https://www.sanon-restaurant.org/
16.851592000510166, 96.14692884248504 Shwe Sa Bwe Restaurant & Training centre https://www.shwesabwe.net/
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