DNA Training to improve pedagogy skills for trainers of 8 ASSET-H&C member schools
July 5, 2022

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As the ASSET-H&C DNA training recently came to a close, it’s time to reflect and review the progress made by participants and member schools.

Chea Sokhy from Sala Bai Hotel School explains why she enjoyed the DNA training programme.

DNA training is a teacher training course that aims to equip trainers with the skills to enhance the training quality, hence creating an even bigger impact on vulnerable youth joining our member schools. This first batch of trainers started the course in December, and it was a great success. The course was conducted online over a period of 6-months through self-paced sessions on the DISDASK platform and bi-monthly group discussions facilitated by IECD’s very own pedagogy expert, Javier Almagro Gascón. By the end of the training course, 22 ASSET-trainers had successfully completed the online modules, which earned them a certificate of completion. 

Throughout the training course, the primary focus was on sharing and exchanging between trainers from different countries, backgrounds and experiences in Southeast Asia. This allowed the trainers to engage better and exchange learning with peers. Not only did trainers improve their professional practices and deepen their understanding of core training concepts, they also improved working relations and personal competences. Besides, DNA Training increased staff engagement and motivation within the schools. 

We really value the opinions and feedback from members, of which, a highlight was that 90 percent of participants would recommend the course to their colleagues. They reported high levels of satisfaction, either ‘very satisfied’ or ‘extremely satisfied’ with the course.

The World Bank Group advocates that the most cost-effective way to improve education’s quality is to invest in educators’ professional training and development. In light of this, and the positive outcome of the DNA Training, we are pleased to announce that we are in the process of developing DNA+ and a DNA workshop. In which, the first batch of trainers will join. We look forward to welcoming our trainers once again for what promises to be an exciting follow-up to our training course.


Applications for the second round of DNA Training will tentatively open in December 2022.

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