ASSET-H&C Student Scholarships
February 14, 2023

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With growing tourism needs in Southeast Asia the past few decades, the need for qualified staff and thus job opportunities increased. However, many youths are missing out on these opportunities due to the lack of training and access to quality education. At a time of social and economic uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association of Southeast Asian Social Enterprises for Training in Hospitality and Catering (ASSET-H&C) was privileged enough to be able to support our member schools and their students via a scholarship program.

Students of École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme Paul Dubrule, Cambodia

Many of the students of our member schools come from backgrounds that might otherwise limit their social and economic mobility. Removing economic barriers for more equitable workforce inclusion is not always straightforward. Other elements such as ethnicity, gender, and class compound these exclusionary forces and need to be addressed. This is why it is important that the scholarships cover both tuition and interrelated expenses such as food, accommodation, life skills training, and healthcare. By taking this holistic approach, our member schools strive to create the best environment for students to fulfil their potential. 


Students of KOTO – Know One Teach One, Vietnam 

Over the course of three years, ASSET-H&C successfully allocated a total of 118 scholarships to highly motivated students. It was an honour and pleasure to watch these students overcome such obstacles and thrive, showing a resilience that would be invaluable in their future careers. 


Bunchhoeur, Student of Class 2022 @Spoons Cafe and Restaurant, Cambodia

Among them was Bunchhoeur who attended SPOONS, Cambodia Class 2022. Thanks to the support of the scholarship and the guidance of the school, over the course of his studies, he learnt not only restaurant service, but also many life skills and English. He transformed from a shy student to one full of confidence, who was always willing to help his fellow students and take care of SPOONS’s garden. We are pleased that he was able to get a job at Cambodia Catering Company in Siem Reap.




Soksan, Student of Class 2021 @Sala Baï Hotel and Restaurant School, Cambodia

Another recipient was Soksan — Sala Bai alumnus Class 2021, a smart and confident student willing to workhard to take care of her mother and family.  With such drive and determination, she soon became top of her class, excelling especially in English. She is now working as a massage therapist at a high end spa, and looks forward to being able to help younger generations reach their goals as well.   




Chen, former student @Bayon Bakery & Pastry School, Cambodia

Chen, a former Bayon Bakery & Pastry School student, was another scholarship recipient. She was one of the best students in her class and is still regarded as a leader amongst her cohort. After class, she volunteered at the Bayon Pastry Shop School Cafe Shop to gain additional experience and further develop her skills. Chen’s hard work paid off, and she is now Demi Chef de Partie at Paris Baguettes in Phnom Penh.  




As these students have shown, when the barriers are removed, and students are given the opportunity, they are ready to excel. We are truly grateful to our donors for enabling us to initiate projects like this. If you want to support students like Bunchhoeur, Soksan, and Chen, please get in touch with us. 


Written by Rachel Beilby, student at RMIT Australia, intern at ASSET-H&C in January 2023

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