• Pedagogical skills of 39 trainers strengthened through capacity building initiatives
  • ASSET-H&C appointed Vice-Chair of Mekong Tourism Advisory Group (MeTAG) – Education and Research Expert Group
What we do

Over the years, our network has become a dynamic and impactful community of professionals committed to helping underprivileged youth break the poverty cycle by equipping them with skills that are highly demanded in the labor market.

To assist members to go further, the network has implemented various activities to enhance the pedagogical skills of trainers.

  • 22 participants from 8 member schools benefited from DNA Training – an online training on essential competencies for trainers. The training included a placement test, online training modules with debriefing sessions with a pedagogy expert, and final test. At the end of the training, participants were able to build a student-centered classroom, involve all interested parties in the training of students, and actively participate in the implementation of the learning system DIDASK.
  • 10 trainers representing 5 member schools are participating in a pedagogical exchange program organized in partnership with Apprentis d’Auteuil (AA)—a French education NGO. After an assessment of the pedagogical needs of participating schools conducted by AA, together with AA, trainers will create essential tools to address the identified needs at their respective school. They will then embark on a one-week immersion program, which includes a training of trainers, in an AA establishment in France. Based on peer learning, the program will greatly strengthen the pedagogical skills of participating trainers while tools produced by participating trainers will be shared with other members so that they can also benefit from the outcome of this initiative.
  • Integrating technology into teaching can be an intimidating shift for trainers who have limited access to resources or never experienced the use of technology in their classrooms when they were students. For this reason, 7 trainers from 4 ASSET-H&C member schools participated in a pedagogy training for hospitality educators on digital learning techniques, conducted by digital learning experts from Taylor’s University.

As vice-chair of Mekong Tourism Advisory Group’s Taskforce on “Education and Research”, ASSET-H&C also works to better connect education stakeholders and the industry, and creates opportunities for education stakeholders to join forces in strengthening the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Education and Training.For example, ASSET-H&C led an industry consultation conducted by the group on the industry’s emerging needs in terms of human capital and opportunities for enhanced collaboration between businesses and education stakeholders in post-COVID-19 times. The consultation consisted of  an online survey and a focus group discussion with industry partners. A report on the outcome of the consultation will be published on the  group’s dedicated page on Destination Mekong Website.

Why we act

Education is key to achieve many Sustainable Development Goals

“When people are able to get quality education they can break from the cycle of poverty. Education helps to reduce inequalities and to reach gender equality. It also empowers people everywhere to live more healthy and sustainable lives”. 

As such, training is a service given both to society, by training capable individuals, and to the trainees, by offering them the means to build their own livelihood.

Teachers/trainers play an essential role in quality education.

According to a working paper by World Bank Group, the most cost-effective approach to improve education’s quality is to invest in teachers/trainers’ professional training and development.  teachers/trainers are the biggest in-school influence on students’ achievement and learning, especially for disadvantaged students.

However, in many lower-middle and low income countries, there are not enough teachers, and large numbers of them have not received sufficient training and support.

In the case of ASSET-H&C member schools, most trainers come from the industry and are recruited based on their strong technical background. Pedagogy training enhances their capability to transfer their knowledge and skills effectively so as to create a greater impact on vulnerable youth.

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