What is ASSET-H&C?

ASSET-H&C stands for Association of Southeast Asian Social Enterprises for Training in Hospitality & Catering. The network brings together vocational training centers across the region willing to work hand in hand to better fulfil their common social mission: bringing positive change to the lives of vulnerable youth and adults by teaching them trades that will allow them to successfully integrate into society.


As a network, ASSET-H&C’s mission is to gather and facilitate experience and expertise exchanges between member schools; to help them build solid foundations for sustainable development, and to promote them and their common vision of training and tourism to hospitality professionals and public authorities.


As a regional network, our goal is to inspire transformation towards innovative models that focus on hands-on, market related training and promoting sustainable approaches in TVET systems in Southeast Asia, particularly in the hospitality & catering sector. We also aim to become a key regional player in sustainable tourism.

Alone, we go faster.
Together, we go further!
ASSET-H&C’s approach as a network

ASSET-H&C is an initiative created by Institut Européen de Coopération et de Développement (IECD) in 2016.

Over the years, ASSET-H&C has become a powerful community of professionals committed to empowering underprivileged youth to break the poverty cycle. Its uniqueness in addressing human capital development challenges lies in two main elements: the innovative model of its members and its approach as a network.

The network brings together 12 vocational training centers across Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. It builds on the common grounds of these establishments and offers them opportunities to connect. Members are selected based on their social mission, training quality, commitment to continuous improvement, and sharing spirit.

ASSET-H&C strengthens member schools’ capacities to have a greater impact on disadvantaged populations. Through the network, members can broaden their perspective, share expertise, strengthen one another and receive technical assistance. In addition, ASSET-H&C contributes to building awareness and knowledge of innovative vocational training centers that combine business activities with a social mission. By giving these social enterprises more visibility, the network seeks to increase their recognition by key stakeholders in the region, including authorities and the private sector, and ultimately to influence policies and good practices on inclusive and sustainable tourism.

ASSET-H&C 2017 Seminar
Our members' common grounds

All ASSET-H&C schools share 3 main characteristics:

The activity

ASSET-H&C schools being an establishment dedicated to hospitality, catering & tourism training, transferring selflessly both technical and transversal skills and targeting a comprehensive development of beneficiaries.

The target

Targeting young or adult individuals coming from proven disadvantaged social, economic or academic backgrounds, for at least 50% of total trainees.

The model

Aiming for certain economic viability through the implementation of one or several income-generating activities that are a constitutive part of the school’s activity and that represent at least 15% of its funds, with a view increasing that share.